Reduce the $1.6 Trillion Dollar Deficit

Last year, one corporation received a $13 BILLION dollar tax break. If that money were to be replaced by the good people of Tampa, Florida, each citizen from ages 0 to 110 would have to cough up 37,900 gold coins. Think about that the next time you are driving down Kennedy Blvd. or Dale Mabry Hwy.
Each and every person you pass by, whether driving, biking or walking – man, woman and child – would have to cough up $37,900 to pay for the Federal tax break for just one company , for just one year – BP.
Conversely, BP recorded a profit of $7.12 Billion dollars in the first quarter of this year. If they stay on track and have no spills, they would end the year with a profit of $28.48 Billion dollars. That means that BP could pay everyone in the entire city of Tampa a lump sum of $83,000 and still have money left over.
So let me see if I got this right. Each citizen of Tampa (ages 0 to 110) has to pay $37,900 to help BP make a profit of $83,000 – 343,000 times over! With a setup like that, what business wouldn’t love to do business in America? And still, BP (and others like them) desire less regulation, less taxes, less oversight, and more freedom – and – BP has yet to fully pay up for last year’s oil spill that severely crippled many seafood, tourist and hospitality industries up and down the Gulf Coast – industries that most every Gulf Coast community relies on. So, I ask you, “Who are the pirates?
Again, just one company is costing every good citizen – from birth to death bed – in the entire City of Tampa, a price of $37,900 so that BP can rake in 28 billion, 480 million dollars ($28,480,000,000.00) in profit. And that’s just one company out of thousands that receive federal tax credits, federal subsidies and federal grants.
                      $37,900 —- each, from 343,000 citizens (an entire city)
     $28,480,000,000.00 —- profit, for just one company (BP)
Right now our government is trillions of dollars in the hole. Any yet we’re giving tax breaks to companies that don’t need “our money.”
Let’s handle this wisely. Let’s end the tax breaks. Let’s end the Federal subsidies. And end the Federal Grants. The companies don’t need our money anyway, – they just want it because it’s there and they don’t want someone else to get it. It’s called Corporate and Special Interest Entitlement. I call it piracy. And it needs to stop.
$66,000,000.00 in Profits Per Day for 108 days.
Do you truly believe that they need a tax break?
Info on BP tax break and profits found here:

BP Press Release – April 27, 2011
The Nation Magazine – April 19, 2011
Fox News – April 22, 2011
American Progress (subsidies article) – May 2010

Info on Tampa populace found here:

Tampa City Council Minutes July 19, 2010 (target minute- 11:35:42)
MacDill AFB Off Base Housing

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                                                                                        – James Matthew Barrie


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