One Scary Night

It happened in October of 1986 in San Jose, California. I was a Bible-thumping, card-carrying Christian then. I was at my girlfriend’s house one night and her father, Jay, mentioned something in passing that caught my attention. Something about a haunting. His sister had moved out of the house and left in such a hurry that she only took the important and immediate things. The whole thing intrigued me and I said I would like to see this house he speaks of. So we made plans to go to the house and check things out.

When the night finally arrived, I was again at my girlfriend’s house, but this time I found that there were going to be a number of people coming with us. I had expected it to be only three of us, but it turned out that Jay’s  other sister (Michelle) and her 16 year old son (Kevin) were coming along. That, and a friend of my girlfriend was intrigued as well and he (Ted) was coming along. In all, there were five of us who were in the party and we were going to meet Jay’s sister, Mavel,  (the one who had lived in the house) at the house. (Note: the names have been changed to protect their identities)

Jay told me that we were going to be taking flashlights because the power had been turned off at the house. This made sense. Why would they keep the power on if they were not living there anymore?

We all piled in to Jay’s van and headed toward the fairgrounds. It was about 10pm and the air was chilly and there was a moon out. The kind of night where everything had a sort of blue glow to it. We stopped at the 7-11 for cigarettes and munchies and then headed to the house.

We arrived about 10:30pm and waiting in the van for Jay’s sister, Mavel, to arrive. During that time Jay told us that the occupants of the street were pretty much witches. This news I took with a grain of salt. I figured Jay was just embellishing the situation for his amusement. The street was quite empty – no lights on in the driveways or windows or anything. Just a dark, quiet neighborhood.

When Mavel arrived we all poured out of the van and Jay made the introductions. Mavel looked upset, harried. Like she was very uncomfortable. She unlocked the door and led us in. I was ready for anything.

Being a skeptical person, I was on the lookout for anything that seemed contrived. Anything that may have been done for my benefit.

We all piled into the house and those of us with flashlights turned them on. There was some light coming through the curtains allowing the street lights to illuminate a portion of the rooms, but for the most part it was dark and we needed the flashlights to really see what was going on.

As you stepped into the house, you were in the living room. It was still furnished: couch, loveseat, table, etc. Then to the left was the kitchen and dining room. When I walked in there I noticed the table was set: plates, glasses, silverware, etc. It was odd. And cold. I didn’t look in the cupboards or the fridge as I didn’t want to appear rude. I was keeping track of the others as well. I didn’t want to miss anything. They all headed for the hall and I followed in close behind. Almost immediately someone let out a shreik! It was Mavel. She was very upset and came, almost running, out of the back rooms. In the living room we found out that she had been wearing a cross on the necklace made of yarn. Well, the cross had fallen off and this upset her real bad. It was an omen. A sign that she was being targeted. We all started looking for the cross, hoping to find it intact. How it fell off of the necklace is a mystery to me. Mavel would have had to untie or break the yarn in order for that cross to have come off. After quite a few moments of searching to cross was found – at the foot of the front door. Apparently, the cross came off just as Mavel stepped into the house. A startling thought.

Once the cross was found, Mavel wasted no time in getting the heck out of that house. Those of us who cam ein the van, all piled in once again and then we all proceeded to escort Mavel back to her home. I thought the night was ended. But Jay talked Mavel into letting have the keys and then we all went back to the house and continued the experience. Albeit with a renewed enthusiasm.

With Mavel gone, we were in no hurry to get it all over with and at the same time we were anxious to experience “something.”

I went into the baby’s room and looked in the crib. There was a pillow and a blanket and a toy inside. The room was bright (for what it was) and I didn’t need the flashlight to see. There were a few items around the room – baby stuff, toys and all and a chair. Some of the others were in the bathroom looking at a curious thing in the wall. There was a section of the wall that appeared to have been remodeled We knocked on the wall to see what it sounded and felt like. It was solid. Like concrete. We all conjectured and amused ourselves that maybe there was a body hidden in there. You know, horror movie stuff. But it wasn’t funny. There was something “wrong” in that house. We could feel it.

When we went into the master bedroom we were greeted by a picture of the baby. What an ugly picture! Not that the baby was ugly, but that the look was as if the child’s hair was on fire and there was an aura about him that was disconcerting. For some reason, someone had taken the mattress off the bed and placed it against one of the walls. There were no sheets to be found. No clothes in the closet and no pillows or anything on the box spring. Still, I wondered about someone leaving all these things behind. Odd.

The light coming in the window was bright because the streetlight was just outside, so we could see real good in this room.

We had all brought our sodas and cigarettes in and were carrying them around. Now I have to mention here that I had heard stories that if you brought something in to the haunted area/house and then left with those self same items, that the spirit would go with you. But that was just was I remember hearing. The thougt crossed my minds a few times that night.

We went back into the baby’s room because it was supposedly the center of all the trouble. Once in there I noticed that the roseary on the wall had a little plastic thing with the picture of Mother Mary and baby Jesus on one side and the 23rd Psalm on the other side. The picture was facing the wall, so I turned it over and let the face of baby Jesus and Mother Mary face outward.  We all talked and looked around a bit and then we all started to leave the room. I made sure that I was the last one out, because I wanted to see what would happen to the roseary. Would it remain with Jesus facing out or would it somehow turn over and have the Psalm facing out? If I wasn’t the last person out of the room, and anything happened, then I could not be sure that something spiritual happened. On the other hand, if I WAS the last one out, and the rosary turned over, I could be certain that dark forces were in the room.

We all went about the house again, by the way, this was a house built in the early part of the century and was thus a small building; It was almost like an apartment in its size. It was easy to keep track of everybody. And I wanted to keep track of who was where – I didn’t want anyone going near that baby’s room without me going in first.

And that’s the way it happened. I decided after about five minutes that I wanted to go back in and see what progress had been made with the rosary – Was it still the way I left it? Or, did it turn over and have Jesus facing the wall?

I entered the room with Kevin in tow and we both went straight for the middle of the room. I immediatedly was in shock when I discovered that the rosary had, indeed, turned Jesus’ face toward the wall. I began feeling and force pushing down on my shoulders and I “saw” the floor open up and a big fire pit opened up underneath. Kevin said he felt a similar thing happening to him. I yelled out for Jay to come and check out what we were witnessing. As he entered the room I pointed to the rosary and I explained to him how Kevin and I walked in together and found the rosary with Jesus facing the wall. It was then, that I noticed the fingerprints high up on the wall. About shoulder-height.

There were five fingerprints on the wall and they were small. I would say that they werew made by a child. They were just too small for an adult to make. They looked to be done in blood as the prints were blood-red. I reached out to touch one and it was wet. I touched it again and confirmed my thoughts – it was wet. BUT, none of the stuff came off on my hand like wet ink would. So I tried again and this time, I tried to get some of the “blood” to come off on my finger. No luck. The only thing that came off on my finger was paint chips. Yes. The white paing underneath came off, but not the “blood”. I was perplexed and so I called Jay over the investigate the marks. I tried not to “lead” him into any experience. I was careful to ask only generic questions and instructed him to perform his actions as I performed mine. After a few moments of doing the same things I did, he too came up with paint chips on his finger but no “blood”. I was even more intrigued. I figured it was an illusion just as the open floor fire pit was an illusion. But this one was more fun.

After quenching my thirst with the fingerprints, Jay opened the closet door and found an entry point to the attic. I quickly went to the kitchen and grabbed an dining chair and brought it to the baby’s closet. But I wasn’t going to go up there first. Jay would have to be the brave one to stick his head through the attic portal. And he did.

Jay stood on the chair and lifted the entryways wood out of the way and climbed up on the back of the chair and stuck his head through the hole. He described the scene: bare, empty, neat, fresh. He noticed that there was a brand-new nail in the wooden supports where someone might have hung a lamp or something. Other than that, there was nothing to note. But that was just what was wrong with this thing. This was a sixty year old house we were in, There should have  been loads of dust and decay up there. What he was describing sounded as if the house were built five years ago!

I had to go up. I had to see for myself. Sure enough, it was as Jay had described. It was perfect. Like it was freshly built. He assured me that the house did not have a recent roof reconstruction, so I was left questioning “Just what the hell is going on here?

We left the baby’s room and we all returned to the master bedroom and sat down and tugged at our sodas for a while. During this time Michelle and her son Kevin were on the boxspring, while Ted and I sat on the floor with our  backs against the mattress. And Jay just stood and walked to the hall and back over and over.

It was during his walks that Jay noticed a change in the temperature of the rooms. He mentioned it and then tested it out. Meanwhile Michelle was having an experience of her own. She yelled out that something had brushed her arm. Well, I was looking right at her and didn’t see a thing. But she was insistent. And then her son, Kevin said he felt something touch his shoulder. I thought it was curious, but didn’t give it much thought. Then Michelle jumped and said it had grabbed at her necklace and she was very upset. Jay came over and calmed her down.

Everybody soon saw a shadow in the hall and it was moving back and forth. From my vantage point, I could not see the shadow move. But I did see a shadow the same as they described seeing.

“AARRGGHHHH!” Michelle screamed out again and by this time we had had enough of the “experience” and we all left the house being sure not to leave anything behind. We piled into the van and took off down the road.

Once on the freeway, Michelle started in with her troubles again. The thing was still messing with her necklace. I was on the bench seat in back with Ted and Kevin and when Michelle complained of the neck thing, I reached forth my hand and felt her neck hoping I could loosen her necklace or something.

Her neck was hot – like too much sun on a summer day, like she had gotten a sunburn. The necklace was pasted to her and I couldn’t get my fingers under it to loosend it off her neck. I sat back and got out my Bible and gave it to Kevin and told him to find a good passage and pray. I then turned to Ted and told him to pray any prayer he could remember. Then I turned my attentions to Michelle again and then she turned her head and screamed bloody murder. What I saw was a face without a jawbone and eyes that were glassy and large like golf balls. She was wailing and wailing and suddenly without my knowledge I lunged forward and placed my hand on her neck and spoke seven words. These were words in a language I had never heard before. I spoke these same seven words over and over again   -four time – and then immediatley everything stopped.

By this time Jay had pulled the van over to the side of the road. I looked out the window when it all was done and I noticed that there was a road crew working directly on the other side of the freeway – with big lights, big trucks and big noises. It was 2:30am. And we had just experienced more than we bargained for.

That was not the end of the experiences that night, but it was the end of the scare for me.

It is a night I shall not soon forget.


“The life of every man is a diary in which he means to write one story, and writes another; and his humblest hour is when he compares the volume as it is with what he vowed to make it.”
                                                            – James Matthew Barrie


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