Ramblings and Wranglings


20 May 2016

Getting a little mixed today. Started out the week being manic and not sleeping at decent hours until last night I couldn’t sleep at all. I finally fell asleep around 7am. When I woke up, I was worn out and my elbow was in great pain. Somehow I jammed my elbow into the mattress so hard that it was very very sore and for most of the day it’s been hard for me to use my arm because it was weak from the pain in the joint.

Fast forward to tonight and I am struggling to be motivated. I am making dinner, but I don’t want to eat. I just want to drink. Water and juice get old after a while and that’s when I get into trouble. I’ve not had any soda for almost two months. And I miss it. And then, I don’t. I know it’s bad for me and there are other alternatives like juice. But as I said, juice gets old after a while. So I’m spying the empty beer bottles, imagining how good a cold brew would be.

Today I went and found my old blogs on Blogger. I haven’t done anything with them for 3 years. I would like to use their themes but WordPress doesn’t allow it. So I’ve decided to keep the Blogger blogs and link them to this account. That way I get to keep the designs I like while reaching out to a like-minded community here on WP. You see, I never did figure out how to search other Blogger blogs or find a community. That’s what WP does so well. They have the Reader where we can see each other’s blogs and we can even search for specific tags. I never saw anything like that on Blogger. So it’s a trade off – I’m stuck using WP’s themes (a very limited collection) and getting to have the community that every blogger desires. I guess I’m complaining a little, but when you are used to having options and freedom, being boxed in is a bit restrictive.

I spent all of last night learning about WordPress and how to navigate the waters of customizing the site. I’m very impressed with the whole thing. I like the “Categories” thing and how it adds a button to the top menu so people can find specific topic posts. That’s really cool. The other functions of the Menu customization took a little bit to memorize, but I think I’ve got the hang of it. It’s all a learning experience for an old dog like me. I just have to keep in mind that there almost always is a way to repair what I may have broken. I say almost always because there has not been anything I’ve found to fix the mistake I made with the Contact page. Somehow I deleted the contact form and I can’t get it back. That is one thing that WP could do they could add an “undo” button in the page editing mode.

Okay, now I’ve rambled on for a while. Time to close it up and let you all get back to what you were doing.

Till next time. Peace.


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