Distractions and Belief

Let’s begin with The Power of Belief. What if I were to tell you that The Christian Story, as depicted in the Holy Bible, is true? And what if I were to tell you that The Devil, also depicted in the Bible, is so wroth with God that he is trying daily to distract people from the truth and that he started all of these other stories to drown out the true path to righteousness? He (Satan) invented various religions and mythologies to distract people from the story of Jesus and Salvation and Reconciliation.

Let’s just ponder that a minute. He (Satan) invented various religions and mythologies to distract people from the story of Jesus and Salvation and Reconciliation.

Now, the power of belief is empty without action. Belief by itself is nothing because it cannot produce results on its own. It needs action to produce results. BUT – the power of belief can instill in a man the desire to act, to produce results. “If you have faith of a mustard seed you can move a mountain.” That is a pretty small measure of faith when we look at the mustard seed and compare it to, say, a watermelon. But we’re not talking about foods, we’re talking about mental, spiritual entities of belief, and in the world of faith a mustard seed is huge.

What if I were to tell you that I cast out a demon? What proof could I offer you? Unless you were there, you would not have the evidence to cause you to believe. You would therefore be skeptical. But if I could get you four witnesses, would you believe then? Or would your mind throw up all sorts of excuses, distractions, reasons for my account to be untrue? What would it take to get you to believe?

Blessed are those that do not see and yet still believe.

In order to stop a person from believing in Christ and the story, Satan throws up all sorts of distractions: Alcohol, Drugs, Sex, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Muscle Cars, Cooking, Sewing….anything that can get the emotions running because emotions ruin our walk with God. They really do. Our emotions envelope us in highs and lows – extreme highs and lows, that can cause us to worship everything under the sun – everything except Jesus. And that is the plan. Satan does not want us to worship Christ, he wants to keep us from Christ.

Now there is a part of me that is saying, “But emotions can be good”; and to that I say “Yes, Surely they can.” But it is a fine line. And how many of us are strong enough to walk that thin line with the goal of staying balanced? How many of us have slipped into spending so much time doing “something” for so long, dedicating our valuable time to “master” that something? Imagine if we were to devote all that time to God, to Jesus, to our own salvation?

Satan is at odds with God. He always has been. Even when he was an angel in heaven he was caught up in his own glorying. That’s why God banished him. So to get revenge, Satan tries very hard to distract us from the truth, from the path to righteousness, from our rightful place at the cross. Remember that, the next time you get determined to succeed at anything that is not related to God. You know, those silly computer games, sports, collecting stamps or collecting plates or Disney characters. Remember to ask yourself if you really ‘need’ another drink or another line or toke. Where you spend your time the most tells you what you value the most. And we could all be valuing Christ more than we do. Noone is perfect. Noone is ‘good’. We are all sinners.

So do yourself and your friends a favor – the next time you see them all bottled up over a distraction, remind them (and yourself) that God loves them (you). Jesus died for all. Let me repeat that —– JESUS DIED FOR ALL OF US – every…single…one. So go out there and be a blessing to everyone. Not just those closest to you.


Have a blessed day.