Many years ago was born a child, a wondrous babe, so gentle and mild. His life was in danger even before His birth, in that quaint humble manger laid with straw and earth. The family fled to a land far away, watching as He grew, day upon day. Through His heart He began to hear the words of His Father, ever-present and dear; “Thy tongue is a weapon…even a two-edged sword, use it wisely and let it not go free, for if you master this power it will surely set you free”.

He grew into a man whose foothold was sure, and became a rock…more than a diamond is pure. The devil came against Him with all that he could, he even slew the young Shepherd, on a cross made of wood. Satan rejoiced, unaware of what he had done. For in this lowly death The Victory was won.

The Savior of the world had been set free, and from this Rock grows a most beautiful tree. Our Lord Jesus is strong, loving and just…let us not forget His Victory, and the power of His Love.

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