“Forever Roo”


My friend, I have found her!

After many years of relentless searching

I have happened upon a creature

So deliciously beautiful

That to gaze upon her melts the barren eye

She is a woman enhanced with an auburn mane

So brilliant, it’s luster is as if gold

And within the depths of her eyes, does a man lose his sight

For so enchanting are they, he is blinded

Her softly sumptuous lips conceal a savor

So erotically fresh and mild

My tongue remembers it still

She possesses a smile so inviting

My heart gave way while my flesh

Danced upon it’s frame

Everything about her is so fragrantly beautiful

And endearing, being near her

The mind is at a loss for words

Not just beautiful is she, mind you,

Her personality and charm is key

Charitable, patient, loving, and loyal only begin to

Describe her endless charms

I tarry now on the shore of a glimmering pool

Patiently awaiting the return

of my heart

And Roo!

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