Chicken and Dumplings

There’s nothing like a little comfort food to warm you up on a cold afternoon. This recipe takes advantage of store bought prepackaged items that helps save time without losing out on flavor.

I like my homemade drop-dumplings but my loved ones prefer the Bisquick version, so Bisquick it is. The canned soup is flavorful and adds a nice creamy texture to the soup and that’s why we like it. I hope you like it too.

Ingredients list:

2 pounds chicken breast – fresh or frozen

1 large carrot

1 medium onion

3 ribs celery

1/2 bag frozen peas

3 (10 -1/2 ounce) cans of cream of chicken soup

1 teaspoon basil

1 teaspoon rosemary

3 bay leaves

dash of salt

dash of black pepper

2 1/4 cups Original Bisquick® mix

2/3 cup milk


1. Dice the carrots, onion and celery.
2. Empty soup cans into a 6 quart pot and add water to about 3 inches from the top of pot. Turn stove on to medium-high. Stir until the soup base is liquified.
3. Cut up the chicken and add to water.
4. Add diced veggies, frozen peas and stir.
5. Add herbs and stir. Lower the temp to warm.
6.Cook 2 hours stirring occasionally. Now bring soup to boil.
7. Make dumplings as per the Bisquick box and add to soup. Boil for a few minutes then reduce heat to medium. Cook for ten minutes.




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