My Freedom

I will not enter your game

For I won’t accept your rules

I refuse to remain

Within the company of fools

I live within my mind

A world unto it’s own

Beyond the realms of time

A universe unknown

My soul adrift a-sea

To feel and co-exist

With boundless energy

A freedom man has missed

Captured to this day

Within this raging gulf

Were not but for to stay

Would leave at once my self

Unite the world in peace?

By man cannot be done

But the spirit through love and peace

Is shared with all by one

Why must life, itself, be measured?

Can we give to it time and place?

My life within is treasured

Through all with whom is grace

No, I shall not but yet remain

Without your bordered land

For with me there is no game

Only life

A love so grande

October 19, 1992


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