The Less You Focus on Your Misfortunes and Desires, the Happier You Are?

This is a very good expository on perspectives and how we “see” the world. Give it a read, won’t you?

Fact Based Truth

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So I had a conversation with a friend a few days ago who’s been going through a hard time after a bad “break–up”. She’s sought after my advice throughout all of the circumstances that occurred in this situation with her and this guy, and as best as I humanely could, I’ve offered her practical advice which I know she’s appreciated. The hard thing though is sometimes I wish I could control her brain and her emotions, because right now she’s unable to take her focus off this having not gone her way, and because of her current amplification of negative emotions as a result of this situation, she’s focused on other things that haven’t quite gone her way in life. It’s understandable given these things can be difficult to move past. It got me thinking though. Given that I’m feeling pretty upbeat in my life in spite of my…

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