Is God Working Undercover?

Okay, so I couldn’t stay away. I just have to share today’s report.

You ever have one of those days when you don’t feel like doing anything? I mean you REALLY don’t feel like doing something in particular? And then you just do it and it turns out you go gangbusters? Well, I really did not want to read the Bible today, but, when I started in I just got into it and it didn’t feel burdensome at all.

I was reading in the book of Daniel and before I knew it I had read five chapters! It was all about Nebuchaneezer and Belshazzar, his son. I found the stories so very interesting. On a side note: I have to say that my left hand and arm are sore now. My right hand and wrist are still in a brace and I am controlling the mouse and typing with my left hand. It’s taken me ten minutes to type this far. Anyway, I have to stop and rest every now and again. I don’t know how those hunt-and-peck folks do it.

So, Daniel interpreted Nebuchaneezers dreams (2) and deciphered an ominous warning to Belshazzar concerning the proper object of worship – God, himself – and was rewarded with purple and gold and a high stature in the kingdom. Which brought me to wonder, “Why do we not see episodes like this in this day and age?” Seriously, we still have rulers, we still have Christians; men and women of prayer; spiritual gifts and so many ‘qualifying’ circumstances, I don’t see the logic in God hiding His face from us.

Twenty minutes.

With the explosion of faith in recent times, one would expect to see or hear of many miracles, dreams interpreted, etc. Wouldn’t this bring more glory and honor to God? Isn’t He in the business of healings and such?

I can honestly say that I witnessed, nay, was part of a miraculous event, so I know God is real. I just don’t understand the logic sometimes. Are we believers doing something wrong? Have we missed the mark? Whatever happened to all those ‘faith-healers?’ Has God gone undercover?

I’ll stop there. Maybe the answers will reveal themselves as I read more in my Bible.

Goodnight all. Thanks for sharing.


6 thoughts on “Is God Working Undercover?

  1. Have you ever studied grace thru faith, it has questions people text in and they give answers to them. Also it has different subjects that they write about Rev. and explain what it means and many topics. Anyway some of your questions I read about there. You might want to check them out.

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  2. Good on you for reading so many chapters! I’ve personally witnessed many miracles and moments in my life where I knew it was God actively moving in my life, from near death experiences to challenging financial situations. x

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  3. OK some quick backgound – South Africa’s corrupt *shock horror* president, Zuma, made a nuclear deal with russia by paying off all the right people in parliament. So a bunch of people protested and took the complaint to the High Court. Aaaand the court ruled against the nuclear deal. Which was surprising because Zuma and his buddies have always just done their own thing and gotten away with it.

    But, before the court ruling, a prominent pastor send out and invitation on facebook, for a prayer meeting in the country’s capital city. MILLIONS of people showed up. Yep, more than one whole million. Whole airplanes were booked out, all flying to JHB. It was bizarre. I was told the sky was a clear blue. Not a cloud in sight. As the prayer progress one lone wisp of a cloud appeared and spun around like a twister. And then the ruling came in….. They’re saying God had his hand on South Africa that day

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