A Single Tender Reed


A Single Tender Reed

stands gently at the shore

I wonder

does it dream of being something more?

Does it cry and wail with tears

in it’s seeming solitude?

Does it stand in quiet glory

with praise and fortitude?

When the rays of sun beat down

upon it’s tender soul

Does it yearn for cool clear waters

from the rivers raging flow?

Does it stand in awe and wonder

of the glory that it shares?

Does it see the birds, beasts, and meadows

or close it’s eyes and stare?

When the cruel, cold winds of autumn

press against its face

Does it whither and mourn in til Spring

or long for loving grace?

When the storms rain down upon it

does it cower and moan “why me?”

Does it welcome rain’s sweet folly

and embrace it lovingly?

Does the soft and gentle reed

find joy in it’s lush, bleek home

Does that single, tender reed

believe it truly stands alone?


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