A Single Tender Reed


A Single Tender Reed

stands gently at the shore

I wonder

does it dream of being something more?

Does it cry and wail with tears

in it’s seeming solitude?

Does it stand in quiet glory

with praise and fortitude?

When the rays of sun beat down

upon it’s tender soul

Does it yearn for cool clear waters

from the rivers raging flow?

Does it stand in awe and wonder

of the glory that it shares?

Does it see the birds, beasts, and meadows

or close it’s eyes and stare?

When the cruel, cold winds of autumn

press against its face

Does it whither and mourn in til Spring

or long for loving grace?

When the storms rain down upon it

does it cower and moan “why me?”

Does it welcome rain’s sweet folly

and embrace it lovingly?

Does the soft and gentle reed

find joy in it’s lush, bleek home

Does that single, tender reed

believe it truly stands alone?



Blocked (Formerly, Is This Art)?

What does one write about

When there’s nothing to say

Where does the dawn rise

At the end of the day

I sit by myself

An image to paint

I grimace and frown

Collectively faint.

No colors of life

No pleasures to name

No measure of strife

In memories game

No sense to be made

My mind all a clutter

No verse can I find

I stammer and mutter.

Where did they go

Those colorful hues

The greens and the golds

The purples and blues

With pen in my hand

I sit and do stare

No words to command

No thoughts do I bare

No fault of my own

The page it lays blank

No seeds have I sewn

No gas in this tank.

Can I find in my self

Epiphany there

Or shall I resign

To sit

And just stare

February 10, 2005

My Freedom

I will not enter your game

For I won’t accept your rules

I refuse to remain

Within the company of fools

I live within my mind

A world unto it’s own

Beyond the realms of time

A universe unknown

My soul adrift a-sea

To feel and co-exist

With boundless energy

A freedom man has missed

Captured to this day

Within this raging gulf

Were not but for to stay

Would leave at once my self

Unite the world in peace?

By man cannot be done

But the spirit through love and peace

Is shared with all by one

Why must life, itself, be measured?

Can we give to it time and place?

My life within is treasured

Through all with whom is grace

No, I shall not but yet remain

Without your bordered land

For with me there is no game

Only life

A love so grande

October 19, 1992

The Greyhound At Monterey

The Greyhound At Monterey”

I know not from where you come

I ask not where you go

I only wish that someday

You return to us once more

Please take with you our heart

Breathe our very soul

Our laughter and our tears

Be with you as you go

America the beautiful

America the free

To share with you, our Friend

So others too may see

The earth is one – united

Land and sea and air

A spirit undivided

For love lives everywhere

April 29 1993


Monterey to Santa Cruz

“Forever Roo”


My friend, I have found her!

After many years of relentless searching

I have happened upon a creature

So deliciously beautiful

That to gaze upon her melts the barren eye

She is a woman enhanced with an auburn mane

So brilliant, it’s luster is as if gold

And within the depths of her eyes, does a man lose his sight

For so enchanting are they, he is blinded

Her softly sumptuous lips conceal a savor

So erotically fresh and mild

My tongue remembers it still

She possesses a smile so inviting

My heart gave way while my flesh

Danced upon it’s frame

Everything about her is so fragrantly beautiful

And endearing, being near her

The mind is at a loss for words

Not just beautiful is she, mind you,

Her personality and charm is key

Charitable, patient, loving, and loyal only begin to

Describe her endless charms

I tarry now on the shore of a glimmering pool

Patiently awaiting the return

of my heart

And Roo!

Write for me a Story

Write me a love story

for only you and I

Make it a song of joy

so sweet it makes you cry


Give to me a rose

that I may touch your fragrant skin

And wrap me up in bows

lest the story has no end


And if, in time, my love

the world should come to war

We’ll sail up to the morrow

on safe and peaceful shores


For love shall  be our guide

our measure of holy truth

Our souls devoid of pride

shall beam as though anew


Each day I shall praise the Lord

for the honor of your love

And give thanks from this day forward

for the hope in stars above


Please write for me a story

and sing a song divine

Love me for all of God’s glory

til forever runs out of time


©Eric G. Hoff



Many years ago was born a child, a wondrous babe, so gentle and mild. His life was in danger even before His birth, in that quaint humble manger laid with straw and earth. The family fled to a land far away, watching as He grew, day upon day. Through His heart He began to hear the words of His Father, ever-present and dear; “Thy tongue is a weapon…even a two-edged sword, use it wisely and let it not go free, for if you master this power it will surely set you free”.

He grew into a man whose foothold was sure, and became a rock…more than a diamond is pure. The devil came against Him with all that he could, he even slew the young Shepherd, on a cross made of wood. Satan rejoiced, unaware of what he had done. For in this lowly death The Victory was won.

The Savior of the world had been set free, and from this Rock grows a most beautiful tree. Our Lord Jesus is strong, loving and just…let us not forget His Victory, and the power of His Love.


Tender is the flesh

of a newborn babe

blessed is the womb

from whence it came

honored is the father

whom gave to it life

and loving is the woman

he takes to wife

happy are they

who share in this joy

for precious are children

every girl and boy